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High Quality Leather Goods, Made Honestly.

It’s hard to believe that what started as a hobby has blossomed into everything you see here.

In 2017, I picked up a leatherworking kit and purchased some scrap leather. Countless late nights hunched over my dining room table were beat pursuit of 1 goal: to make an easy leather wallet that might slot in my front pocket. I made a couple of dozen crude prototypes, chiseling away at my design until it had been good .

It was my wife, who convinced me that i'd not be the sole person struggling to seek out the simplest front-pocket wallet for my needs. I posted my design online, and to my surprise, tons of people wanted that very same simple wallet.

It has taken weeks of patience, months of practice, and years of learning, but this hobby has grown out of my dining room and became a thriving business that supports me, my family, and talented people in my community.

Every day i'm fortunate to be in my workshop doing what i really like . I’m even more fortunate to possess found such a tremendous group of hard-working people. We take enormous pride in what we make, and zip leaves our workshop unless we all know you’ll like it .

On behalf of the Pursek Leather team: many thanks for your support

About us?

All our goods are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our workshop in beautiful ِAmman, Jordan, Everything you see here is made by us.

We are all local artisans that love what we do. We believe in firmly routing ourselves within our community to ensure the highest standards of quality.

What's The Leather We Are Using?

the Leather is Tanned and Manufacturer From Cow Leather in Hebron Palestine

RIFD blocking Wallets

We do not make RFID blocking wallets, but we do offer a RFID blocking card that fits inside all our products. 

How we are sew our goods?

All our Wallets is sew by hand.

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